Come on Leopards you can do it!!!
1. What does the LFE PTA support?
1.  Technology for the school - directly relating to your children
2.  FieldTrips
           Jefferson City (4th),  
           General field trips (K-3),
          Arts Partners (K-5)
         School of economics (2-4)
3.  24 PTA program line items (e.g. reflections, field day, parties, grandparents day)
4.  Family Enrichments (e.g ice cream social, sweets with your sweetheart, trunk or treat)
5.  Grade Level Programs (e.g. baby chicks for Kindergartners)
6.  Teacher and Staff Appreciations throughout the year

and much more!
2. Is this the only Fundraiser you will do this year?
No.  We have 4 planned for the year and hope to meet our needs with only those.  We are NOT in the business of raising money simply to raise it and use all that is given to us.  The school budget is tight and doesn't allow for everything these kids need to be successful.  With YOUR help, PTA aims to meet that gap.