DATE:        October 13, 2017
TIME:        All school day (throughout the day)
WHERE:   The LFE Track
WHAT:      EVERY kiddo at LFE will get to participate in a walk-a-thon.  The kids will be
                    paired with kids from other grades (youngers with olders) to help build
                    leadership skills as well as provide support and encouragement.  

A note about the LFE track:  1 mile = 6 laps around the track.  
Lucy Franklin Walk-a-thon
When: 10/13/2017 at All Day
Where: Lucy Franklin Elementary
111 NE Roanoke Drive
Blue SPprings, MO
United States

Contact: Amanda Ryder
Volunteers needed at this time:  0  Yippie!   So far we are looking great!  Thanks!!!!!
Supplies Neede at this time:   0   our parents are hitting it out of the park!